At New Brighton Dental, we are excited to be a part of a great community. Our goal is to provide comfortable, high-quality dentistry and build lasting relationships with families in our neighbourhood.

Your concerns are our priority, and we strive to provide you with service that is tailored to your dental needs.



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At New Brighton Dental, it’s all about you! Therefore, we care about the same things you do. Firstly, we start our appointments on time – to respect your time.

Above all, we value you so we don’t believe in selling you treatments you don’t need. Instead, we give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your dental health. What’s more, we respect you and want you and your family to be our patients for a long time.

Have a question? Need to book an appointment? Email us! newbrighton@trecdental.com

Our Services

Man with sports guard in mouth

These are a MUST for you hockey/football/rugby players, as well as MMA/boxers. Not only can they help reduce concussive effects, but wearing one can help save you from months of costly treatment to fix a blow to your teeth.

Sports Guards

Inhalation Sedation at Clinic

We now offer Sedation Dentistry for our patients that may be feeling a little anxious about coming to the dentist!


Healthy woman teeth and a dentist mouth mirror

We offer both take home and in-office whitening. 


Man with missing tooth

When a tooth declines to the point that we can’t save it, we may recommend that it be removed so that it does not cause further pain or damage to adjacent teeth. We strive to make our extractions as quick and low-stress as possible. You’ll have the option of grafting the extraction site if you wish replace the tooth with an implant in the future.

Tooth Extraction

Woman smiling with Invisalign tray

More than just a “checkup”, we evaluate your jaw muscles, jaw joint (TMJ), occlusion (or “bite”) and how they can lead to future tooth wear/pain. We do an oral cancer screening at every exam.


Se Calgary dental near me

A bridge helps replace a missing tooth. The two teeth on either side of the missing-tooth-gap have a thin layer of tooth structure removed just like with a crown, and then a porcelain bridge consisting of “two crowns connected by an artificial tooth” is made to fill the gap. If a tooth has a large cavity or old filling or has a large crack/fracture, we may recommend a crown. A porcelain crown is a durable restoration that covers the biting surface of the tooth and wraps around it 360 degrees in order to seal the tooth.

Crowns & Bridges

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TREC Values

New Brighton Dental is a part of TREC Dental. TREC’s core values are right in the name, Teamwork, Respect, Exceptional Dentistry and Continuous Improvement. That means TREC Dental clinics provide exceptional dentistry but also spend our time volunteering: improving ourselves and the world around us. If you want to see what we are up to you can check out our social media!

New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental is at Greta Bar.
Check out these adorable photos from out staff social night! Nothing makes work better than working with your friends. That's why we love these events! We went to @gretabaryyc played games, ate amazing food and just got to have some fun! Special thanks to @thesmileteampediatricdentistry for hosting this amazing night! @ Greta Bar
New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental
Do you ever wonder why your dentist asks about your health? As it turns out, mouth health and full body health are connected!

Your dentist, like any doctor, needs to know everything about your health so they can provide the best, safest care!

For example, certain medications like inhalers can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can increase your risk of tooth decay, but your dentist may be able to recommend things to help promote saliva production.

Additionally, taking aspirin might affect how easily your blood clots. Heart medications could make some procedures more dangerous if your dentist doesn't have all the information.

More seriously, some ultrasonic scalers that a dentist or hygienist might use could cause irregular heartbeats in patients with pacemakers.

As well, patients in treatment for cancer might need special care planned between a physician and a dentist.

Your dentist needs a complete picture of your health. So tell them everything!
New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental
Yesterday afternoon, @archerygamesyyc let us use their space for team building! We are constantly trying to be better people for ourselves, our families and, of course, our patients. We want to come to work as our best selves and be the best team we can be! At this team build we learned about loneliness, teamwork and how to recharge ourselves. Then we got to have some fun!
New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental
Lunch is Love! In April, we made snack bags for @bb4ck to help them feed 3,200 Calgary children!
New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental
We had a lovely visit with the great people @4thstreetdental Great seeing you guys!
New Brighton Dental
New Brighton Dental
We just want to take some time today to congratulate Dr. Jan Jaffer on being awarded Leaders in Practice for Giving Back! Dr. Jaffer has been on 12 overseas dental missions to remote communities in Guatemala, Peru, Tibet, Ecuador and Morocco. Not to mention the countless volunteering hours he has put in around Calgary. So congratulations Dr. Jan Jaffer on the great work we are so lucky to see everyday! You can read more about Dr. Jaffer and this award in April’s issue of Oral Health Magazine!